About Family

A Brief Introduction

This blog is very close to the real lifestyle of the Bhatti Family and came out of our tremendous experiences. The title is very specific to my exhilarating, few of the silly and mostly pleasant ventures as a mommy.

We are family of three, I am Umamah, the mom and wife. Ali is my husband and daddy to our diva girl Areesha. I am the in-charge to document all are experiences in our blogs. Areesha as toddler seems to be fuelled with energy all the time, which in-turn keeps me on my toes! And I have to come up with new ideas and tackling techniques (I like to research) with her to keep her pumping energy sparked, expressed and utilised in the most creative and effective way.

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community. Please do not shy away from posting comment or e-mailing us, your comments and messages encourage us to write more and improve in addition. You are the influence behind this website to keep going and you can do much more beyond just reading here. Be sure to try our tested home remedies before going for a medicine! After all health comes first.

Don’t forget to send us your reviews, comments, suggestions or just Good Vibes.

Our Social Sites

Follow us on our Social Media Sites and get to know about Bhatti family in person and follow through our journey. We are active on Instagram , Pinterest and Youtube.


You are welcome to collaborate with Confessions of Asian Mom. You will love our innovative ideas for Brand promotions, sponsorships ,partnerships and brand representing.

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