If you want to lose healthy weight and feel stuck, need some motivation or some drive to get encouraged towards healthy living or want to spare your trips to hospital or you are a mom who misses her pre-pregnancy body (we all do at one point or another) or simply just want to achieve that positivism in your life then this is the blog you would want to read.

Moors Valley Country Park and Forest

My name is Umamah,28 years old and living a much better life now health wise. I was never a kid with those cute chubby cheeks or over weight as a teenager and youngster, but that doesn’t mean I was healthy. What is the healthy living mean by the way? It is when your blood sugar, blood pressure, haemoglobin and other vitals are medically in normal range. There is no extra fat jiggling when you walk. You don’t suffer hair fall or a bad mood all the time for that matter! It is not how much you eat, it is about what you feed your body with and how much is it providing nutrients to your body that it needs to function and to generate normal hormone levels medically speaking.

So as teenager, I used to eat a lot and that too a lot of unhealthy food items. But still my weight was maintained at 50kg. Maybe I had fast metabolism, that understanding to myself about my body tricked me when I started to gain weight. My BMI was always out of the chart. It was less than to what it should be according to my height and weight. So, the weight gain journey started after I had a baby at age 24. I lost the usual post-partum weight and got busy taking care of the baby. Let me clear it for you first that it wasn’t because of the baby, it was because I started to eat my stressful emotions! I wasn’t at the right place emotionally and hungry tummy made me feel no better. I started eating everything double and over the months I had experienced restricted movement and bending. I remember being angry at how I look like physically while eating more. I stopped looking at myself in the mirror, stopped wearing makeup or taking care of myself and God forbid if my family says anything to me about weight watching then I got more rebellious,” It’s my body, I can eat how much I want to and no one can stop me.” I would now say that I got the last part right, “…no one can stop me”, but me!

It was my daughters 1st birthday when I took this decision to make myself more worthy of living a disease less life and to be more available to my daughter, my precious gift from God, I wanted to sit down on my knees and dress her up, I wished to sit on floor with ease and have those tea parties with her and to run around playing with her without getting tired. I committed to myself that I will make a difference and I will come down from 78 kg.

I achieved this in 6

Where did the motivation come from?

I never forgot that I am doing this for my daughter and over the time when she was achieving her milestones from a baby to a toddler, my desire was to enjoy seeing her taking first steps or to see her learning how to count her crayons or to jump around me and say “Mommy I lub you”. Wanting all this has thrived me to be able to enjoy the moments when she will first go to her preschool, ride a bike, drawing her first family picture and not drawing mommy in round shape!

Me As New Healthy Mommy Trying To Have Best Time With My Daughter

All those people who put my weight up for a discussion, worked wonders for me (thank you all!). I wanted to show them all that I am a strong girl (most importantly wanted to prove it to myself).

Achieving my goals

· The very first thing I did is to find myself a track where I could go for a run.

· I tried to be more physically active when I saw other people in good shape and still running. I saw from overweight teenage boy to a smart youngster and to elderly people with grey hair and wrinkled skin all running. If they couldn’t find any excuse not to choose exercise and not being active, then I don’t have any point sitting on my couch.

My Running Track

· When I started feeling positive improvements in my body , I felt more driven towards continuing my journey.

· What I didn’t do to keep myself motivated is not to look at the magazine with the cover of size 8 model. You know what they say about becoming the best version of yourself. I wanted to feel comfortable in my skin. I was size 8 once but not happy.

· I made a few changes in my diet. I cut down on sugar and carbs, not entirely, but to a minimum.

· I learnt how to portion control and set the right meal times.

· Snacking and having cheat meals occasionally were no harm. I researched and came up with a few remedies that I could curb my food cravings between meals and late night snacking.

· You can learn how I was able to do that here.

· My body started generating right hormones at right time, being emotionally and physically strong was the best outcome because I was providing right nutrients to my body and in turn be in good mood!

Now after a year of continuous struggle and all that sweat and body sore from running payed me off. No, I am still not 50 kg like I use to be but I lost 20 kg to be exact. All the muscle is built at the right place. Just remember why you are doing this and keep a can-do attitude. You are responsible for every fiber of your being and it is you who built yourself up or down. Make the right choices in your life and the world will offer you happiness than you can imagine!

My Work-Out Records

I use App for my work out records which is called Samsung Health and came handy with my Samsung S9. Here are few of my best records so far.Stay tuned for my transformation story and my embarrassing before and after pictures!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Muhammad says:

    Great work. Proud of you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Umamah Ali says:

      Thank you my love.🤗


  2. thediynuts says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I had a baby two months ago and needed to read a success story like this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Umamah Ali says:

      No worries darling, we all here for eachother👍


  3. Hareem Saad says:

    Hey! Hope you are doing good.
    Absolutely amazing start.
    Keep it up👍


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